15 Mar

New grants available for businesses in Northumberland

Northumberland County Council has launched a new business support scheme where companies in Northumberland can get a grant to help towards the cost of fixed assets, such as solar panels.

Eligible businesses can receive grants for projects ranging from £25,000 to £750,000, with the program reimbursing 40% of the expenses. This means businesses could receive back from £10,000 up to £300,000.

Investing in solar panels not only significantly reduces energy expenses for businesses but also contributes to lowering their carbon emissions. This effort is part of the larger goal to achieve NetZero and enhance the environmental sustainability of Northumberland.

To qualify for the grant, businesses must:

  • Be located in Northumberland.
  • Primarily conduct business-to-business transactions
  • Operate outside the Public, Fisheries, and Agricultural sectors.
  • Have been trading for over a year.
  • Employ fewer than 50 full-time workers.
  • Have the capacity to either increase full-time employment or ensure job security for current staff.
  • Report an annual turnover of less than £10.2 million and a balance sheet of under £5.1 million.
  • Not have received more than €200,000 in De Minimis aid over the past three years.
  • Complete the project by December 2024.

Additionally, as part of the council’s efforts to support local businesses, companies are entitled to 12 hours of complimentary business support. This support can assist with various needs, including the grant application process.

More information on this initiative is available on the Northumberland Small Business Service website.

To find out whether you qualify for the grant, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experts are ready to assist you through the application process, and should you qualify, can also aid in the planning and installation of your solar PV system.

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