Renewable Energy

Ground Source Heat Pumps

A Ground Source Heat Pump is similar to an Air Source Heat Pump, except instead of taking heat from the atmosphere, it collects it from the ground outside.

How it works.

A Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) is most suited to properties with land or large gardens immediately outside. The collector loop is buried deep beneath the ground which allows the land above to remain in use. This solution can offer impressive ROI and has the ability to deliver up to four times the energy that it needs to run.

Green, efficient energy for business.

Choosing a GSHP system for your premises is a smart and efficient method of producing heat and hot water for your workforce. It helps to decarbonise your business while providing overhead savings and a low maintenance, reliable energy solution.

Cut business emissions.

When used in conjunction with a renewable electricity tariff, it is possible to reduce the carbon your premises uses for heat and hot water to zero. Following this strategy will go a long way to achieving your CSR targets.

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