22 Nov

Oakes Energy, Bitpool and Viessmann Investments collaborate to launch Bitpool Cloud in the UK

Oakes Energy Services, which specialises in climate solutions, has partnered with Australian tech data disrupter Bitpool and German engineering powerhouse Viessmann Investments to launch the Bitpool Cloud ecosystem of software for energy management in the UK. 

The solution, which can either couple onto a site’s existing building management system or work independently, disrupts the traditional method of managing buildings by empowering the communities that use them with rich data and insights, driving decision-making and creating sustainable people places.

The Bitpool system, which incorporates OpenAI, leverages existing networks to develop a system that can produce fast and efficient data insights about a property, interpreting and translating large datasets and presenting to users through a conversational interface which can be PC, Mac, tablet or mobile devices.

The smart system enables Oakes to promptly identify anomalies, generate reports, aggregate data, and receive insights and advice within seconds. The product also supports Oakes’ recommendations and ensures timely and credible responses.

Bitpool, a leader in building data management renowned for its cutting-edge technology, offers innovative data management solutions that have the potential to revolutionise how Oakes operates and manages its sustainability-focused services.

Viessmann Investments, acting as a strategic investor in both Oakes and Bitpool, plays a crucial role in supporting their collective mission of transforming the built environment.

Oakes Energy Services forms part of PHS, one of the UK’s leading home services firms, which is also headquartered in the North East. It provides a range of energy-efficient services for commercial and domestic applications, which includes designing and installing renewable energy systems to reduce energy consumption and cost.

Nik Smith, director at Oakes Energy, said: “We are excited about our collaboration with Bitpool; it is a unique and state-of-the-art system which has disrupted the Australasian market, and we are very confident that there is currently nothing else in the UK market which matches its technical capability and ease of use.

“We have been running this on our Venter HQ for a couple of months now across all HVAC, metering, lighting, power and lifts and the results and reporting are staggering, being able to view and manage this on customisable dashboards via desktop, tablet and mobile is an added benefit. We think energy efficiency and its management will become more heavily legislated as we head towards net zero and the role of energy managers will become increasingly onerous.

“We have always striven to be ahead of the curve and with this integration of energy management and AI, we can translate complex information into actionable insights and predict future outcomes with confidence.”

David Blanch, chief technology officer at Bitpool, said: “The partnership between Oakes, Bitpool, and Viessmann Investments exemplifies how a unified vision of sustainability, coupled with innovative technology and investment support, can reshape the way the built environment is managed. Together, our teams are leading the charge toward a more sustainable and efficient future in property sustainability and management.”

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